Contemporary Garden Furniture

Contemporary Garden Furniture

Contemporary Garden Furniture

First impressions count, which is why as much care and attention should be lavished on your garden space as on any other room in your house. The stunning simplicity of nature is in harmony with the modern design aesthetic, and can do wonders to inspire the design of your modern garden.  Ferrious can introduce you to classic and innovative pieces of contemporary garden furniture, lighting and accessories to add a touch of style to your outdoor space.

Make your garden a work of modern art, with high-end designer seating from Knoll, Artek or Moooi; explore the use of light and shadow with Foscarini orMarset, and even enjoy a refined, leisurely drink from one of our When Objects Work collection of glasses.

Knoll: honouring design integrity
Since their formation in 1938, the Knoll Studio has become synonymous with design integrity, and no matter how inventive or pioneering the design, quality craftsmanship is employed in its realisation. Ferrious offer a diverse range of impressive Knoll products from accomplished designers such as Lin, Bertoia and Chadwick.

Finn Juhl award winner Maya Lin, creator of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, uses simple, elegant designs often inspired by nature. Her iconic seating stones, available in three bold colours, are always guaranteed to be a talking point. Inspired by the curves of the earth, Lin’s sand-filled stones also come in a child-friendly size.

In contrast, Harry Bertoia’s provocative side chairs are a masterpiece of human design. Bolstered with his trademark industrial wire rods, these chairs are available with a weatherproof seat pad for outdoor use.

Don Chadwick’s ‘Spark’ collection perfectly exhibits the functionality of contemporary garden furniture, being lightweight, easy to clean and UV-protected. Available in six bright colours, these playful moulded chairs are named for their ability to spark conversations.

Apart from the Knoll Studio pieces, Ferrious also display outdoor seating solutions from the likes of Artek and Moooi.

Create the ultimate outdoor ambience
From their humble family roots, Spanish firm Marset have grown to become an established and trusted brand specialising in contemporary lighting. Priding themselves on their ability to combine technical precision with creativity, Marset offer stylish lamp designs from Antonio Miro, Joan Verdugo and Joan Gaspar.

Hailing from the renowned glass factories of the Murano islands, north of Venice, Foscarini combine innovation, flexibility and quality design. Ferrious offer a tantalising selection of Foscarini lighting products including the gentle globes of the Palombas, the graceful cigar-shaped Havana lamps of Joseph Forakis and the unmistakeable blob from Karim Rashid.

Each type of lamp varies in shape, luminosity, colour and other dimensions. By thinking carefully about the atmosphere you want to create in your garden, you can narrow your choices down more easily. A combination of different types of lamp can create a mood that is unique to your garden.

If you’re thinking of holding a party to celebrate the completion of your design project, Ferrious can even ensure your guests are impressed with your hospitality: our accessories section is packed with useful and attractive extras such as bowls, trays and drinking glasses.

Any questions?
If you need advice about choosing contemporary garden furniture or how to make the best modern design decisions in the space available to you, contact the team at Ferrious. Always approachable, our team of specialists will be delighted to help you.