Contemporary Office Furniture

Contemporary Office Furniture

Contemporary Office Furniture

If there’s one environment which really benefits from modernisation, it’s the home office. In any office functionality is central to efficiency, as is the ability to keep the working space free of clutter. Anyone who has tried to concentrate on a complex task while sitting in an untidy office will understand why the minimalist aesthetic embodied in contemporary office furniture truly is a breath of fresh air. In fact, research shows that productivity is higher in contemporary offices.

Having said that, everybody has different needs and expectations around their working environment and no one office will be the same as another.

Designer Desks
Sourcing a desk for your office is clearly one of your most important tasks when buying contemporary office furniture for your new working space. Since you will be spending much of your time sitting at your desk, you should spend sufficient time weighing up the benefits and limitations of the different designs on offer.

If you like simple materials, expert craftsmanship and a minimalist style, consider the glass-topped mini-desk by three times Compasso D’Oro winner Franco Albini (available through the Knoll Studio of New York). A pair of attractive oak drawers seem to float just under the surface of this elegant desk.

For pure functionality, Marcel Wanders’ Two Tops Secretary Desk is an ingenious piece of contemporary office furniture (as are many of Wanders’ pieces for his Dutch brand Moooi). Deceptively simple, this attractive oak desk expertly utilises space, with holes to tidy cables away and a top which opens fully when necessary. There are even some discreet wooden pegs at the back to ensure your desk is just far enough from the wall to open adequately. The Two Tops Secretary Desk comes in several different finishes.

Keeping Organised
Once you’ve decided on a desk, you might want to obtain a few simple accessories to keep things organised. Vincent van Duyson has produced a wonderful collection of ‘primitives’ – basic functional objects that eliminate any unnecessary embellishments. For example, a simple ring effortlessly contains your car keys and money.

Time is money in business, and if deadlines form an important element of your working day, you will want to ensure that you are always in sight of a clock and calendar.

The Ferrious accessories range includes the elegantly simple ceramic Moooi soft clock, designed by Dutch designer Kiki Van Eijk. You can even up the luxury by opting for the sumptuous gold or silver designs.

We also stock Jean Pierre Vitrac’s perpetual calendar, as featured in the refurbished Art Deco Midlands Hotel in Morecambe. Available in no-nonsense black or red, the obscured numbers are brought into view, by the use of a magnet, to highlight the current date. The perpetual calendar can be bought in desk or wall versions and can be used for year after year.

Being Inspired
Designing an effective working environment is as much about facilitating inspiration as it is about providing a neat, clutter-free workspace. Add luxurious colour with Kate Hulme’s gorgeous collection of mouth blown glass pebbles for the When Objects Work brand. John Pawson also provides pieces for WOW, including picture frames, drinking glasses and platinas.

Finally, James Dyson’s desk fans are invaluable when working in hot weather, ensuring you can work in comfort as well as style.