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Ensuring that your living space is well-lit and creates the desired ambience is an art in itself, and it’s one Ferrious can assist with by providing access to a dazzling range of the very best lighting brands and designers. Flos lighting are one of the most respected and cutting edge designers of home lighting in the interiors industry. Arising from that hotbed of lamp innovation, Italy, Flos have grown into a huge global brand.

Achille Castiglioni The Soul of Flos
Although he worked with Zanotta, on designer furniture, and Alessi in household objects, Achille Castiglioni is virtually synonymous with Flos lighting, the global brand named by his brother, Pier Giacomo. The Castiglioni brothers are most widely associated with their enduring Arc design which is still being produced fifty years later.

Achille is one of the most important industrial designers of the last century and was still inventing products and challenging old concepts up until his death in 2002. A lover of paradox with an acid wit, Achille Castiglioni produced formal designs of the utmost quality. One of his creations was the Flos Fucsia pendant family.

The Flos Fucsia Effect
Each object in the Flos Fucsia range is based around a conical diffuser. 35.5cm tall and 16cm wide, each cone is hand-blown and the 1.5 inch rim carefully sandblasted. A protective injection-moulded, translucent, opaline silicone ring is then set in place around the vulnerable turn. Finally, the lamps are held in place by a gloss white, powder-coated, tubular steel holder to create a diffuser that is both supremely attractive and effective.

Over two and a half metres of cable are available with each Flos Fucsia diffuser, but these can be adjusted in the case of multiple pendants to create interesting effects.

Each cable is attached to the ceiling by a unique rose assembly consisting of a fitting and cover of 30 per cent fibreglass reinforced injection-moulded polyamide. Each assembly is different, and creates a different effect.

The Flos Fucsia range is named according to the number of diffusers present. For example there is the standalone Fucsia 1, the triangular Fucsia 3, the square Fucsia 8 and the elongated Fucsia 12 (with a fitting of pressed, galvanised steel).

The Fucsia 3 produces bright bursts of light that are ideal for halls and landings; the Fucsia 8 complements a square room or table, and the Fucsia 12 adds splendour to any hall or long table, especially when lined up in rows.

More from Castiglioni
Ferrious also showcase a range of other designs invented by Achille Castiglioni. For example, there are the Noce, Aoy, Gibigiana and Lampadina table lamps; the Brera, Noce and Stylos floor lights; the Brera, Frisbi and unmistakeable Taraxacum pendant lights and the Moni ceiling light. In addition there are the collaborative designs Achille was involved in with his brother Pier Giacomo and with Pio Manzu.

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