Flos KTribe F2 Floor Lamp

Flos KTribe F2 Floor LampFlos KTribe F2 Floor Lamp Slender and Refined Lighting

Standing 162cm high, with an incredibly slender stem and refined design, Philippe Starck’s Flos KTribe F2 Floor Lamp is an elegant addition to any home.

A huge amount of modern technological wizardry has gone into the construction of this deceptively simple floor lamp. The base and rod and diffuser supports are constructed from die-cast, polished and chrome-plated Zamak.

Zamak is a zinc-based alloy with 4 per cent aluminium (its distinguishing mark), copper and magnesium; the base cover is made from galvanised P04 steel. The inner diffuser, lamp holder support and upper ring are made from injection-moulded polycarbonate.

As with many lamps, the Flos KTribe F2 Floor Lamp supplies a different ambience depending on the choice of diffuser. In this case, the choice is between fumee or transparent PMMA; gold or silver (vacuum-coated with aluminium) or pleated fabric.

The Flos KTribe F2 Floor Lamp uses a 150w dimmable bulb, controlled by a dimmer switch on the 2m cord.

About Philippe Starck
French product designer Philippe Starck was born in Paris in 1949 and now spends his time between his home city, New York, London and Italy. He is one of the most globally recognized names in modern contemporary interior design.

As an example of his impact, Starck has been credited with stimulating the concept of the boutique hotel following his work at the Royalton and Paramount hotels in New York. He has also worked with the late Steve Jobs on his yacht ‘Venus’, and been involved with designing aesthetic solutions to the drive for wind energy.

Flos Piani Table Lamp

Flos Lighting Piani Table LampFlos Piani Table Lamp a Lamp or a Tray?

The Flos Piani Table Lamp takes functionality to another level by blending the attributes of two useful objects in one unique design.

It consists of a flat ‘valet tray’, suitable for holding coins, keys and other small items, joined to a flat, overhead set of LEDs which illuminate the objects in their triangular beam while simultaneously providing a light source for the room.

The Flos Piani Table Lamp is suitable for an office desk or in an entrance hall, and is sure to attract attention. The lamp body is injection printed in ABS; the dissipater is made from polished, pressofused aluminium and the diffuser is composed of injection printed optical PMMA.

The electrical transformer is in the lamp’s plug, and an on/off switch is found on the 1.6m cable. Measuring 20 x 26.4cm and weighing 1.7kg, the Piani comes in red, green, black or white.

Brothers from Brittany
The Flos Lighting Piani Table Lamp was designed by two of the newest faces on the contemporary interior design scene: Ronan and Erwan Bourallec from Qimper, Brittany in France. The brothers studied at the Ecole Nationale des Arts Decoratifs in Paris and the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Cergy-Pontoise. Erwan, born in 1976, worked alongside his older brother, born in 1971, while still at school. Since 1999 the pair have worked together as joint partners.

In addition to the Piani, the brothers have worked on a wide range of projects, from vases, jewellery and home accessories to architectural projections.

Flos Spun Table Lamp

Flos Spun Table LampFlos Spun Table Lamp A Marvel of Modern Metalworking

As its name suggests, the frame of the Flos Spun Table Lamp diffuser is produced by the exciting and mesmerising art of metal spinning, a technique which enables artisans to create beautiful flowing shapes and intricate designs.

The diffuser support arms and lamp holder support are constructed from aluminium, while the diffuser supports are made from white, injection-moulded polycarbonate. The Flos Spun Table Lamp also consists of a glare-reducing diffuser screen of sandblasted, pressed glass.

Equally at home on a bedside table or a study desk, this neat, functional lamp is operated by a cable-mounted dimmer switch. It is available in two sizes with both now released in Eco versions (using 26w bulbs). The T1 version measures 57.5 x 39cm (diffuser diameter 26.5cm), with the T2 version larger at 68 x 45cm (30.8cm diameter). The cable extends to 1.7m in length.

Each type of lamp is available in the same four colours: glossy black, glossy white, mud or, for a supplement, aluminium. The inside of the diffuser is painted matt white in all versions apart from the aluminium, which is monochromatic.

When Wrong is Right
Created by British-born designer, Sebastian Wrong, the Flos Spun Table Lamp illustrates his fondness for material manipulation, pure form, functionality and honest design. Wrong graduated in 1993 after studying Fine Art at the Norwich and Camberwell School of Fine Art.

Flos Lampadina Table Lamp

Flos LampadinaFlos Lampadina Table Lamp Classic Utilitarian Design

In some ways, the Flos Lampadina table lamp is a perfect symbol of what contemporary industrial design is all about: simplicity, ingenuity, functionality and quality design. The Flos Lampadina takes a large incandescent 40w lamp as its focus, and sandblasts a small area to form a ‘skullcap’ which diffuses the light and cuts down on glare.

The lamp sits in a Bakelite holder on top of an anodized aluminium base which also functions as an excess cable wrap. The large on/off switch is conveniently placed on the outside of the lamp holder.

The Flos Lampadina measures 12.5 x 24cm (4.92 x 9.44 inches), with a 230cm power cord, and weighs just 350g. At less than £100, it is one of the more affordable contemporary lighting solutions on the market, and Ferrious can supply both the orange and black versions.

An Achille Castiglioni Piece
The Flos Lampadina was designed in 1972 by Achille Castiglioni, one of the Milan-born brothers who lie at the very foundation of Flos lighting. Achille Castiglioni, who achieved his degree in architecture, has himself designed over 150 products, fourteen of which are on permanent display at the illustrious Museum of Modern Art in New York. He has also co-produced designs with his brother Pier Giacomo.

Castiglioni is known as one of the biggest figures in 20th Century industrial design with a clever wit and a love of paradox. Before his death in 2002, he had received 9 prestigious Compasso d’Oro awards. He also designed furniture for Zanotta and household objects for Alessi.

Flos Gatto Table Lamp

Flos Gatto Table LampFlos Gatto Table Lamp The Cocoon Balloon

The Flos Gatto Table Lamp is not only an attractive, organic-looking object of art in its own right, it also provides a glimpse into the history of Flos itself. When the Castiglioni brothers Achille and Pier Giacomo, designed the original Flos Gatto Table Lamp in 1960, Flos as a company did not yet exist. The cocoon technique used in its production had been imported into Italy from the USA through Arturo Eisenkeil, and he had been introduced to the Castiglionis, and another designer Tobia Scarpa, by Flos’s visionary founder Dino Gavina. Only in 1962 did Pier Giacomo name the new company Flos. Flos have since become a worldwide lighting giant showcasing the work of many iconic designers, from Philippe Starck and Marcel Wanders to Patricia Urquiola and Rodolfo Dordoni.

However, Flos will always be chiefly associated with the Castiglionis of Milan, and they launched a re-edition of the Gatto lamp in 2005 as part of a larger cocoon range.

The hot air balloon-shaped Flos Gatto Table Lamp is constructed from a white powder coated inner steel frame onto which the polymer resin diffuser – the cocoon – is actually sprayed. The design is then finished off with a transparent protective spray.

Ferrious can supply both the large Gatto lamp (56 x 35cm), and the smaller 900g ‘piccolo’ version (30 x 19cm). A dimmer switch is included on the 180cm cable, and the lamp takes a 60W bulb.

Flos Smithfield Ceiling Light

Flos Smithfield Ceiling LightFlos Smithfield Ceiling Light Versatile Efficiency

The Flos Smithfield Ceiling Light by Jasper Morrison was created in 2009. Its simple but sleek lines are suitable for any room in the house, whether you are looking to illuminate the bedroom, kitchen, living room or study/office.

The body of the Flos Smithfield Ceiling Light is manufactured from aluminium, with an injection-moulded, opalescent, polycarbonate (methacrylate) diffuser. It attaches to the ceiling via a steel fitting.

Measuring 21.5 x 60cm (8.46 x 23 inches), and weighing 5kg, this shallow ceiling light sits snugly against the ceiling. The light is also now available in environmentally-friendly Eco and Eco Dimmer versions. These replace the standard 230W lamp with three 24W (maximum) lamps. Morrison has accentuated the Smithfield’s silent charisma by making it available in three polished neutral finishes: black, white or mud.

For those who prefer a pendant light, the Smithfield is also available in a suspension version, with up to 2.5 metres of steel cable and an attachment, also of steel. Just like the ceiling light, there are Eco and Eco Dimmer versions and all six can be ordered from Ferrious.

Flos are synonymous with quality craftsmanship and creativity, and the Flos Smithfield Ceiling Light is another superb addition to its stunning collection.

British Concept; British Design
Jasper Morrison was born in London, and the inspiration for the Flos Smithfield Ceiling Light also came from London – the Smithfield meat markets. This is not the context one usually associates with fine interior design, but Morrison was so impressed with the functional efficiency of the industrial market lighting that he decided to pay homage by bringing the design into the 21st Century. The choice of neutral colours also reflects the understated simplicity of the lamp’s origin.

Flos Fucsia

Flos FucsiaFlos Fucsia – Lights and Lighting

Ensuring that your living space is well-lit and creates the desired ambience is an art in itself, and it’s one Ferrious can assist with by providing access to a dazzling range of the very best lighting brands and designers. Flos lighting are one of the most respected and cutting edge designers of home lighting in the interiors industry. Arising from that hotbed of lamp innovation, Italy, Flos have grown into a huge global brand.

Achille Castiglioni The Soul of Flos
Although he worked with Zanotta, on designer furniture, and Alessi in household objects, Achille Castiglioni is virtually synonymous with Flos lighting, the global brand named by his brother, Pier Giacomo. The Castiglioni brothers are most widely associated with their enduring Arc design which is still being produced fifty years later.

Achille is one of the most important industrial designers of the last century and was still inventing products and challenging old concepts up until his death in 2002. A lover of paradox with an acid wit, Achille Castiglioni produced formal designs of the utmost quality. One of his creations was the Flos Fucsia pendant family.

The Flos Fucsia Effect
Each object in the Flos Fucsia range is based around a conical diffuser. 35.5cm tall and 16cm wide, each cone is hand-blown and the 1.5 inch rim carefully sandblasted. A protective injection-moulded, translucent, opaline silicone ring is then set in place around the vulnerable turn. Finally, the lamps are held in place by a gloss white, powder-coated, tubular steel holder to create a diffuser that is both supremely attractive and effective.

Over two and a half metres of cable are available with each Flos Fucsia diffuser, but these can be adjusted in the case of multiple pendants to create interesting effects.

Each cable is attached to the ceiling by a unique rose assembly consisting of a fitting and cover of 30 per cent fibreglass reinforced injection-moulded polyamide. Each assembly is different, and creates a different effect.

The Flos Fucsia range is named according to the number of diffusers present. For example there is the standalone Fucsia 1, the triangular Fucsia 3, the square Fucsia 8 and the elongated Fucsia 12 (with a fitting of pressed, galvanised steel).

The Fucsia 3 produces bright bursts of light that are ideal for halls and landings; the Fucsia 8 complements a square room or table, and the Fucsia 12 adds splendour to any hall or long table, especially when lined up in rows.

More from Castiglioni
Ferrious also showcase a range of other designs invented by Achille Castiglioni. For example, there are the Noce, Aoy, Gibigiana and Lampadina table lamps; the Brera, Noce and Stylos floor lights; the Brera, Frisbi and unmistakeable Taraxacum pendant lights and the Moni ceiling light. In addition there are the collaborative designs Achille was involved in with his brother Pier Giacomo and with Pio Manzu.

Flos Glo Ball

Flos Glo BallFlos Glo Ball

Ferrious can now offer the Flos Glo-Ball to its expanding designer lighting collection. Cool and sophisticated, Jasper Morrison’s glowing spheres always make an impact, particularly when arranged in clusters.

Who are Flos?
Flos are a global brand originally conceived in South Tyrol, Italy. The name was invented by the illustrious designer Pier Giacoma Castiglioni who, together with his brother Achille, was responsible for the creation of the Flos Arc lamp and other fine designs such as the Relemme, Toio and Taccia. Flos was the brainchild of Dino Gavina, one of the visionary forces behind the Italian interior design movement that began in the 50s. Gavina and Cesare Cassina also joined forces with Arturo Eisenkeil who had imported a spray-on plastic coating known as ‘cocoon’ from the USA. The Castiglioni brothers and Tobia Scarpa worked on designing the first cocoon lamps: Viscontea, Taraxaacum, Fantasma and Gatto.

In 1994, Flos won the acclaimed Compasso d’Oro for their activity as a lighting company.

The Flos Glo-Ball
Available in a variety of sizes for use in different contexts, the Flos Glo Ball epitomises the simplicity and elegance of contemporary lighting. The diffusers emit a subtle glow courtesy of their composition of externally acid-etched, hand-blown, flashed opaline glass.

Ferrious can offer four varieties of Flos Glo-Ball, designed over a ten year period. The first to be produced were the two ceiling lamps, the C1 and C2, in 1992. At 10 x 13 inches, the C1 is the smaller of the two, with the C2 measuring 14 x 17 inches. Both are attached by a 30% fibreglass, reinforced, injection-moulded polyamide ceiling fitting. The C1and C2 Flos Glo-Ball are ideal for homes where headroom is an issue.

Flos added the 3.4 x 4.4 inch Mini Glo-Ball to their collection in 2002. This discrete, affordable globe is fitted to the wall or ceiling using a white, injection-moulded PPS threaded ring nut. There is also a white, injection-moulded PPS mirror ring for attaching the Glo-Ball to a mirror.

The Glo-Ball Zero, added in 2009, measures 6.3 x 7.5 inches and fits to either ceiling or wall. The threaded ring nut is constructed from die-cast aluminium with an alodine plating finish.

About Jasper Morrison
London-born Jasper Morrison studied in both London and Germany and has exhibited and won prizes all over Europe, including in Italy, France and Belgium. In 1996, his ‘Lima’ chair and ‘Bottle’ bottle rack became part of the permanent collection in New York’s Museum of Modern Art. Morrison followed this with a prize for the design of the Hanover tram, and in 2001 he was named Royal Designer for Industry. Two years later he launched Jasper Morrison Ltd. in Paris.

Morrison has designed for many iconic brands such as Alias, Cappellini, Magis and, of course, Flos.

Flos Lighting

Flos lighting sky gardenFlos Lights and Lighting

Ferrious are pleased to be able to offer the discerning contemporary furniture buyer an impressive range of designer lamps, pendants and other lighting solutions from the Italian firm Flos. Flos are among one of the most widely known and respected lighting brands with a distinguished history.

Flos: Italian Flair; Worldwide Appeal
Flos lighting was named by renowned designer Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, and inspired by Dino Gavina’s single-minded drive for Italian interior design supremacy.

It was Gavina who introduced the Castiglioni brothers and Tobia Scarpa to Arturo Eisenkeil’s innovative ‘cocoon’ technique. By spraying resin on a frame, a nebulous effect was created that would revolutionise the art of lamp design, and Achille and Pier Giacomo’s designs were soon to be produced by Eisenkeil’s company, Cocoon International.

Flos was born in Merano, South Tyrol, and its new plaque, with its iconic widely-spaced typeface, designed by Heinz Waibl, would come to symbolise the cutting edge of creative lamp design. Once the genie was out of the bottle, Flos just had to keep on delivering.

When the entrepreneurial Sergio Gandini took the helm from the more visionary Gavina, Flos moved into the realm of mass production. Gandini and his wife, Piera, were furniture designers from Brescia, an area noted for its metal manufacturing expertise. It wasn’t long before the company relocated to Brescia and proceeded to take on the capricious US market – their gateway to the world.

Flos Taccia Floor LampIlluminated Designers
Today, Flos lighting can boast designs from some of the most illustrious names in the industry. How many lighting brands can list Philippe Starck, Rodoflo Dordoni and Patricia Urquiola among their contributors? Even Moooi‘s ingenious creator Marcel Wanders is featured, with his chrysalis cocoon design.

Philippe Starck brings us the unmistakeable lounge, bedside and table gun lamps, which feature various types of firearm pointing up at the shade. These can be gold-plated for added impact.

Those familiar with the style of Patricia Urquiola will marvel at her Tatou lamps, one of the more recent additions to the Flos catalogue. Available in pendant, table or floor lamp versions, Urquiola has created a polycarbonate shade which could almost have been woven from fabric.

If you prefer a more traditional design, Ferrious based in Manchester stock the legendary Arco lamps, created in 1962 from the luminous minds of Achille and Pier Giacoma Castiglioni. The Arco lamps, with their unmistakeable satin-finished steel telescopic stems, have an attractive marble effect and are operated by a convenient foot-pedal.

From 1973, there is the 265 wall light. With its long, adjustable steel arm, Paolo Rizzatto’s invention is perfect for lighting up the dinner table at a suave party.

Lighting for Everybody
The extensive Ferrious Flos lighting range encompasses every area of the home. Lighting connoisseurs will discover lamps for floors, walls, tables and ceilings. For those with a taste for quality but with less of a budget, Ferrious stock Achille Castiglioni’s affordable Lampadina, a naked, sandblasted bulb with a base that functions as a handy cable-tidy.

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