Foscarini Lumiere Table Lamp

Foscarini Lumiere Table LampFoscarini Lumiere Table Lamp: Discreet Elegance

More refined than spectacular, the charming three-legged Foscarini Lumiere Table Lamp adds a discreet elegance to any living space. Its blown glass diffuser is silky and smooth to the eye, subtly lifting the mood in true Dordoni fashion.

The inside of the diffuser is coloured white, with a colour finish applied to the outside. There are four different finishes to choose from: amber, grey, ivory and white, and two different bases: black chromed and polished aluminium. In addition the lamp comes in two sizes, both available through Ferrious. The small ‘piccolo’ version measures 35 x 20cm and takes either a 60w incandescent or 42w low energy bulb. The large ‘grande’ lamp is 45 x 26cm and requires three 40w incandescent or three 28w low energy bulbs.

Designed in 1990, the Foscarini Lumiere Table Lamp comes in both dimmable and non-dimmable variations, with the dimmable version requiring a small supplement.

Ferrious also showcase the more angular XXL and XXS Lumiere Table Lamps, available in black or white.

Rodolfo Dordoni’s Classic Modernism

Rodolfo Dordoni was born in Milan in 1954 and graduated from the Politecnico di Milano in 1979. He has applied his classic modernist style to architecture, furnishings and objects and is a designer who uses his mastery of balance and form to gently challenge the status quo.

Dordoni is experienced in art direction, and is often involved in the entire journey of a product or development, including the brand strategy used to communicate it to the wider world.

Dordoni is widely famed for his work with the Dolce & Gabbana stores.

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